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Prefabricated Masonry Back Up Systems

Over a quarter of a century of experience in the panelizing industry is invested in perfecting our prefabricated masonry backup support systems. These panelized wall systems incorporate light gage metal framing members with structural steel to support masonry veneers.

Numerous designs and panelizing schemes are available so that the best one(s) can be selected to meet your project’s requirements. Selections include the conventional beam supported panel system, the pier/infill panel system, and the popular truss panel system. Our truss panel system is unique, being gravity supported only at or near building columns. This construction method allows for floor deflections without transferring building movements into the wall system, unlike conventional spandrel beam supportedsystems. It also solves many of the exterior problems caused by building movements. Furthermore, usage of our truss panels can lower steel framing costs, as spandrel beams do not carry exterior wall gravity loads. All our panel systems are designed to be compatible with today’s building codes, including the latest changes to the energy conservation standards.

  • System Benefits:

  • Lower Steel Framing Costs
  • Tighter Fabrication Tolerances
  • Eliminate Field Alignment Issues
  • Quality Control

  • Areas Of Expertise

    • Light Gauge Metal Framing
    • Unitized Thin Brick Wall Systems
    • Composite Aluminum Cladding
    • Prefabricated Cold Formed Roof Trusses
    • Terracotta Tile Rainscreen Systems
    • Pre-engineered Masonry Backup Systems
    • Cold Form Steel Framing Design
    • Panelized Granite Wall Systems
    • Unitized Load Bearing Structures
    • Metal Panel Rainscreens
    • Natural Stone Veneer Claddings
    • Panelized EIFS & Stucco Wall Systems
    • Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels
    • Cement Panel Rainscreens
    • Phenolic Panel Rainscreens
    • Unitized Cast Stone & GFRC Systems