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Panelized EIFS & Stucco Wall Systems

Exterior insulation and finish (EIFS) systems afford designers great flexibility when detailing bold and dramatic looks for building exteriors. Combine this design flexibility with the speed and economy of wall panelization and achieve real cost savings in your project. Our panelized wall systems incorporate a backup framework of light gage metal framing members with structural steel to support the factory applied EIFS system veneer. Numerous panel structural designs and panelizing schemes are available to specifically meet your project’s requirements. All our panel systems are designed for compatibility with today’s building codes, including the latest changes to the energy conservation standards.

Our EIFS panel systems are a great choice not only for new building facades, but also retrofits to existing buildings where aesthetically updated, more energy efficient exteriors are needed. Since EIFS panels are lightweight, costly structural improvements to the building are usually unnecessary and seismic load impacts are minimized.

Speed, aesthetics, quality control, energy efficiency and savings -- EIFS panelized stucco wall systems offer all these advantages for cost sensitive projects. Contact Sanford Contracting today regarding your next EIFS facade project and let us show you the savings!

  • System Benefits:

  • Quality Control
  • Design Flexibility
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Speedy Installation
  • Areas Of Expertise

    • Light Gauge Metal Framing
    • Unitized Thin Brick Wall Systems
    • Composite Aluminum Cladding
    • Prefabricated Cold Formed Roof Trusses
    • Terracotta Tile Rainscreen Systems
    • Pre-engineered Masonry Backup Systems
    • Cold Form Steel Framing Design
    • Panelized Granite Wall Systems
    • Unitized Load Bearing Structures
    • Metal Panel Rainscreens
    • Natural Stone Veneer Claddings
    • Panelized EIFS & Stucco Wall Systems
    • Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels
    • Cement Panel Rainscreens
    • Phenolic Panel Rainscreens
    • Unitized Cast Stone & GFRC Systems