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Load Bearing Light Gauge Structures

During the past 40 years, Sanford Contracting has been pioneering the manufacturing of prefabricated building structures constructed of cold-formed metal framing (CFM). Our prefabricated designs can include walls, floors, and roof truss systems so that the entire building framework can be shop built for rapid field erection, saving both precious time and money. Sanford’s premanufactured structural framing systems can provide an excellent alternative for commercial, residential and industrial projects where non-combustible, long span, decay resistant, lightweight construction is required.

Facilities where our prefabricated products have been successfully utilized include schools, healthcare facilities, hotel/motel projects, churches, dormitories and office buildings. Wall and/or floor panels can be fully finished with various sheathing materials, air/water barriers, insulation, and veneers for fast and easy field erection of the complete building structure. Our panel frames are manufactured in jigs form welded components, ensuring both tighter fabrication tolerances and stronger connections that conventional field framed systems.

Our designs are tailored to meet your project’s requirements and are compatible with today’s building codes, including the latest changes to both the energy conservation standards and LEED requirements. Sanford Contracting has repeatedly proven that good design, superior engineering, accurate fabrication and detailed erection leads to successful projects.

  • System Benefits:

  • Superior and Uniform Quality / Exacting Tolerances
  • Longer Span Capable than Lumber
  • Lightweight / Versatile Framing Material
  • Superior Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Non Combustible / More Economical UL Rated Assemblies
  • Decay / Rot / Insect Resistant
  • 100% Recyclable / LEED Credentialed

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    Areas Of Expertise

    • Light Gauge Metal Framing
    • Unitized Thin Brick Wall Systems
    • Composite Aluminum Cladding
    • Prefabricated Cold Formed Roof Trusses
    • Terracotta Tile Rainscreen Systems
    • Pre-engineered Masonry Backup Systems
    • Cold Form Steel Framing Design
    • Panelized Granite Wall Systems
    • Unitized Load Bearing Structures
    • Metal Panel Rainscreens
    • Natural Stone Veneer Claddings
    • Panelized EIFS & Stucco Wall Systems
    • Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels
    • Cement Panel Rainscreens
    • Phenolic Panel Rainscreens
    • Unitized Cast Stone & GFRC Systems