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Granite & Natural Stone Exteriors

Technological advances in building methods have allowed for the combination of natural stone exteriors and light weight support systems.

Sanford Contracting has developed applications using thin stone veneers pre-applied to our prefabricated support systems. Pre-applying the stone veneer has allowed for better quality control over the exterior skin than can be achieved in the field. Our system is lighter, more economical, and faster to erect than conventional anchored stone applications. Panelization of the exterior fa├žade allows for faster building enclosure and quicker start times for interior trades. Lighter weight of the truss panel results in cost savings of steel framing and foundations. Light weight has additional advantages when seismic loading must be considered.

The use of thin stone as exterior cladding in harsh climates and conditions has posed questions of performance. Sanford Contracting has answered these questions with the use of our prefabricated truss system, which limits the stress loads imposed on the stone skin. Water infiltration, thermal barrier and window support issues can be solved utilizing our in house engineering and design staff. A complete building envelope can be coordinated through our engineering services limiting the inevitable conflicts that arise through divided responsibility.

The use of prefabricated truss supporting stone building envelopes can offer building designers/ architects traditional stone looks. Building owner and developers can benefit from cost savings of thin stone systems when traditional stone systems would be cost prohibitive.

Let Sanford Contracting show you how to achieve successful results in your next stone veneer project.

  • System Benefits:

  • Faster Installation
  • Better Seismic Load Impacts
  • Eliminates Stress Loads on Stone Veneers
  • Lighter Weight
  • Areas Of Expertise

    • Light Gauge Metal Framing
    • Unitized Thin Brick Wall Systems
    • Composite Aluminum Cladding
    • Prefabricated Cold Formed Roof Trusses
    • Terracotta Tile Rainscreen Systems
    • Pre-engineered Masonry Backup Systems
    • Cold Form Steel Framing Design
    • Panelized Granite Wall Systems
    • Unitized Load Bearing Structures
    • Metal Panel Rainscreens
    • Natural Stone Veneer Claddings
    • Panelized EIFS & Stucco Wall Systems
    • Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels
    • Cement Panel Rainscreens
    • Phenolic Panel Rainscreens
    • Unitized Cast Stone & GFRC Systems